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We live in a broken world. God created the world. We can see the beauty and the complexity of his creation all around us. But sin entered the world and made it dark and broken. But there is hope...

Jesus came to give us hope. God demonstrated His love for us when He sent His Son into the world to serve as an example of love and humility, offering Himself as the sacrifice for the sins of all people.  Because of this sacrifice, we can be saved by the grace of God, our Creator. This salvation means that we have hope, knowing that this world is broken, but something better is waiting for those that choose to follow Him.  

We are called to "Be the Good" In response to His love and sacrifice, we are called to live lives that bring honor and glory to Him. In our example, in our deeds, and in all we say, we are called to show Jesus to those around us. We are called to "Be the Good" and lead others to Him so they can know the love and hope that is found in our wonderful Savior!

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