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BE THE GOOD (formerly LIFE in the ROCK) is committed to sharing with others the challenges and joys that accompany our being a part of God's family. It is our goal to offer relevant and thought provoking material on today's issues.  ​

BE THE GOOD focuses on living the Christian life. When Jesus asked His disciples, "But who do you say that I am," Peter responded, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God" (Matthew 16:15-16). What a great statement of faith in Jesus. It is this confession that we all must make in our lives. Jesus is the Son of the living God, and we live the way we live because of who He is. Our lives must be marked by a spirit of love and service toward God and others. Through our words we speak, our interactions with others, and our acts of service, we show others the love of God. Through intentional efforts to "Be the Good," we can greatly impact the faith of our communities. It is our aim to be a resource for Christians seeking to grow in their faith, as well as an encouragement to anyone wishing to learn more about salvation in Christ and new life through obedience to God's will.

BE THE GOOD was founded by Keith Harris. Keith is currently serving as the Preaching Minister for the Lewisville church of Christ in the DFW area. Keith has a wonderful wife, and two great kids. They moved to the DFW area in 2021.


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