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  • Keith Harris

A Glorious Dawn

Have you ever wondered what that day was like? What it must have felt like when the rush of wind came rolling through as if a power storm had overtaken the place where they were waiting? No doubt the sound of such a mighty wind would have resembled what we often hear described by survivors of tornadoes as a freight train passing. What must it have been like? In a word, life-changing!

The holidays are past, and we are once again greeted with a new year. As is the custom of many, resolutions are being made and plans for the coming year are clearly spelled out. I’m not sure why, but we see the transition of the year on our calendars as an opportunity for a new start, an opportunity to reflect on our past and make any necessary course corrections. And I suppose it’s as good a time as any.

One of the many blessings which God brings our way is the opportunity to renew our spiritual walk. We have been given the greatest blessing of all in Jesus. And we have the opportunity to experience a glorious dawn in our faith journey with every new day.

That Day of Pentecost following the death of our Lord, was a glorious dawn for the disciples of Christ. It was a the beginning of a new journey for them as they sought to accomplish God’s will. Let’s make sure that we understand what a wonderful gift we have been given in Christ. Let’s commit ourselves in this new year to serve him only. Let’s dedicate our lives to sharing this wonderful message of salvation in Christ with our family, friends, and community!


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