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  • Keith Harris

Pillars in the Pulpit

In life, there are those that challenge and inspire us to grow as individuals. For many people, their minister often is seen as one of those who plays a significant role in their growth as a human being and, more importantly, as a Christian. We are blessed to have such people in our lives. We are blessed to hear messages from God's Word presented in a way that creates within us an understanding of God's high calling for his people. We are blessed to sit at the feet of individuals who have given their lives to the Lord and the service of the Kingdom.

John Gipson is one of those individuals for me. It has been my privilege to work alongside John for the past 6+ years. His experience in ministry, his service as an elder in the Lord's Church, is an invaluable asset to me as I continue to try and grow as a minister. That's why today was such a blessing for me. Today, I had the great privilege of presenting the Dean of the Bible Department at Freed-Hardeman University with a copy of John Gipson's new book, "Living: Principles on Living the Christian Life".

He has been preaching the good news of Jesus Christ for nearly 70 years. Shortly after arriving in Little Rock as the minister for the Sixth & Izard Church of Christ, now known as the WindSong Church of Christ, John Gipson began publishing and distributing his "Keynoter" to thousands of congregations and individuals across the country. I suppose it would be virtually impossible to determine how many lives have been impacted through his many years of preaching and writing. This new book is a collection of John's articles (organized by topic) that have been written over the past 50+ years. I am sure this volume will be a continued blessing to ministers and Christians for ages to come.

John has been such a blessing to me personally. And I can never tell the extent of my appreciation for him and his labor of love within the Church. I know that many will agree, and maybe even offer a hearty Amen, when I say that John Gipson is truly a pillar in the pulpit!

To purchase a copy of John Gipson's book, click here.


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