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  • Keith Harris

Protect Your Faith

What strange times these are that we are living through. It is almost like some kind of movie, and no one really knows what will happen next. There is certainly a lot of speculation on the part of government officials, but it seems that even they are struggling to predict how extensive this COVID-19 pandemic will affect us moving forward. While these are extraordinary events we are facing, we know that God is in complete control. It is important that we protect our faith in our stay-at-home, social-distancing world. So how can we protect our faith?

We need to make a commitment to community.

I know that may sound strange given our circumstance, but community is vital to the Christian’s life. We need the support of others, but others need our support as well. It is difficult to thrive alone.

We need to make a commitment to service.

If our faith is what it ought to be, we will have a hard time refraining from serving others. It is important to remember the more we pour our lives into others, the less intimidating our struggles seem to be.

We need to make a commitment to grow.

It is easy to lose our focus on Bible study, especially when we are not meeting together physically. Remember to read your Bible. Make sure you find online lessons and continue growing in faith and your knowledge of God’s Word. Remember to pray. May God bless you as you seek to protect your faith in these uncertain times.


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